Four Simple Steps To A More Eco-Friendly Home

Are you trying to make your home more environmentally friendly this year? There are things you can do, both big and small to work towards a more eco-friendly home.

To learn some tips and tricks that can help you with home sustainability, keep reading. When working towards trying to live a more green-conscious life, the home is the perfect place to start.

Stay Conscious About Your Energy Use

The energy you use at home not only affects your energy bill but also has a huge impact on the environment. For starters you should begin to make sure you are not using home utilities more than needed. For example turn off fans, lights and other energy using sources when you leave a room.

Try opening your blinds and shades when daylight is bright enough to light up your home rather than using lamps and lighting. Things like only running your dishwasher when its completely full, or shutting down your electronics when they are not in use can also help.

Additionally making small changes with your heating and cooling system, such as turning temperatures down slightly or or turning them on low can also help.

These little things can add up to make a huge difference in your carbon footprint and your energy spending. The best way to manage your home’s energy production is to install solar panels in your residence. To do so contact Blue Raven Solar today.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Did you know the kind of products you use can have environmental effects? Harmful chemicals are present in many cleaning products such as bleach, toliet cleaners and even dish soap. When these cleaning products are washed down the drain they end up in rivers and oceans, where they can cause damage to water dwelling animals.

Eco-friendly cleaning products work to do less environmental damage. This can also help to make sure that certain toxic chemicals are not being inhaled by you or your family memebers.

Choose Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The lightbulbs that you use at home can have an effect on the environment as well as your energy bill. Choosing energy-efficient lightbulbs over traditional ones can help. These lightbulbs tend to last longer, which allows you to not have to change them so often.

Consider Composting

If you have a large household in which you are often cooking, or feel that you are throwing away tons of waste, starting to compost can be a great way to use this waste that would otherwise end up at landfill. Composting your leftover food waste can work towards using this waste in your garden or backyard.

Eco-Friendly Home Tips

Having an eco-friendly home is only getting more and more important as our environmental situation worsens over time. Consider beginning some of these earth-friendly habits to be kind to mother nature while also cutting down on energy cost in no time.

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How To Clean Wine Stains From The Carpet

[AD] Everyone has found themselves at least once in their life in the difficult situation of cleaning wine stains from the carpet after a birthday party at home or a family gathering. This is not something you should be afraid of, you just have to know how to clean your carpet the right way.

The question is should you use professional carpet cleaning procedures or should you try and deal with the problem yourself?

Everything depends on two main factors – is the wine stain fresh or old, and how much time can you afford to loose attempting to remove the stain yourself. If domestic carpet cleaning is not your preferred way of spending the weekend then you should pick up the phone and contact a carpet cleaning London based company to schedule a service. However if you have nothing more important to do and you are strongly determined to clean the wine stain yourself, follow these tips below:

• The first thing to do when cleaning a carpet is to immediately remove all the liquid. The best way to do this is with paper towels of a kitchen sponge, they will quickly soak up any spills on your carpet.

• If there is still moisture in your carpet, mix one part vinegar with two parts water, mix thoroughly and pour into a clean spray bottle. Spray the affected area gently and apply tissues to absorb the liquid completely. Repeat until the stain has completely disappeared from your carpet.

If the stain could not be completely removed, then it is time to start using household cleaning solutions.

How to get rid of wine stains that have been there for a while.

Where should you start when you are dealing with an old wine stain?

Start with a tried and tested mixture of water and vinegar. It perfectly washes away wine pigment form both natural and artificial hairs.

Then next use household cleaning products. For example washing powder – the main thing is that the product doesn’t corrode the skin of the hands. Dissolve it in mildly hot water and rub throughly into the pile. You can add a few drops of ammonia for the best effect. Remember never apply too much pressure when cleaning g the carpet as you can damage the carpet’s fibres. Moreover, by rubbing the carpet the wine stain may penetrate even deeper into the fibres.

If the above domestic carpet cleaning methods do not help – and your carpet is still ‘flaunting’ with a greasy red spot, the time for the most decisive action has come.

Dampen a cloth with 3% peroxide solution and gently wipe the affected area, then let the liquid dry on its own for an hour or so. Then you can rinse the area with clean water and dry quickly with a hairdryer. Again, there are two important rules to follow – never apply to Koch water or other liquid to the carpet when cleaning it and do not keep the hairdryer too close to the carpet.

If you pour to much liquid onto the carpet it may not dry completely; mould will form and it will start smelling bad. Remember mould is a much more serious problem than a wine stain. It can seriously balm your health!

So if your don’t know how to cope with a stain on your carpet, you should not experiment with it. Book a cleaning service and leave the work to experienced professionals. As you probably know hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the best cleaning procedure you can use for disinfecting and deep cleaning carpets.

A Festive Clean With Fantastic Services

Cleaning the house is never something that is top of my wish list and when there are so many other things I need to get done during the week taking a huge section of time out the clean the house is frustrating although of course something that can’t be missed.

So when Fantastic Services offered to come round clean the entire house I was over the moon!

Two super friendly cleaners arrived at my door and asked me a few questions about the priorities I had for the clean and if there was anything I specifically wanted them to focus on and then they set to work.

Each and every nook and cranny was covered, the tops of the kitchen cupboard were even got to and the windows that I just couldn’t get clean since moving in were left super sparkly.

I was worried that I would feel uncomfortable about being in the house whilst they were there but I easily got on with my work whilst thinking how this wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t have been for the team coming in.

It isn’t just a ordinary domestic clean that Fantastic Services offer, they have gardening, pest control and even Christmas tree delivery services on offer plus much more.

If you are looking to get thing spick and spam over the Christmas period then head over to their site for your chance to win some great prizes in their special advent calendar before booking your clean and once you are all booked in there is a lovely festive treat to keep the kids busy with over Christmas which I’m sure you will agree is something we are all looking to do.

I was astounded by how quick and thoroughly my clean was from Fantastic Services and they come highly recommend from us, so much so that I have a discount off £10 off your first online booking by clicking HERE and using the discount code JoyOfFive.

* The clean was carried out for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions.

Tackling The Dirt With Dettol

As you can imagine a household with five children can create more than a little mess.  It is a never ending cycle of picking up and putting away, washing and cleaning.  Therefore anything that helps me to get this job done quicker and with less elbow grease is always more than welcome.

I was lucky enough to be sent some great products by Dettol to see if they can cope with the levels of dirt that are created in this mad house whilst eradicating 99% of germs and bacteria which is alway a massive bonus.


One big problem in this house is meal times.  One meal can turn the kitchen into a complete war zone with food spilt and thrown into places you could never imagine.  It’s always handy to have a good disinfectant spray to hand to get rid of the damage quickly.


I can’t blame the children for everything as I am an extremely messy cook and sometimes need something a little more powerful to shift the more stubborn mess.


Both of Dettol’s Power and Pure kitchen sprays had a great fresh smell and got rid of even the most stuck on dirt with ease.

With the children being as grubby as house the majority of the time hand wash is always on our shopping list.  It is always a real chore to get mine into a hand washing routine. 

 Since having Dettol’s No-Touch Antibacterial Handwash in the house I can’t stop them! They love the novelty of simply placing your hand under the spout and the sensor dispensing the liquid for you.  For me it is fantastic to be able to get soap onto your hands without getting the bottle covered in whatever your covered in!


Last on the list are an all time favorite of mine…wipes.  For years I have loved to use a wipe for most jobs.  They are always at hand and can be used for anything from spillages to wiping off muddy football boots.  


I always have a packet in the bathroom but find not all brands can tackle my little ones favorite coloured baths.


Once the soap is mixed with the food colouring I add to the bath water it can get quite ground in and I have to reach for a stronger cleaner.  This wasn’t the case for the Dettol Antibacterial Surface Wipes.  They were perfect for running over the bath quickly and left no residue at all.

All of these products did a great job and will now be appearing regularly in my shopping basket.

All these products were gifted to me by Dettol and these are all my own honest opinions.

Vanish…Shame It Doesn’t  Work So Well On The Kids

With a house full of children aged 1-18 muck, spills and stains are a daily battle.  Be it makeup wiped across the carpets, scooter dirt being driven through the house or food covering every available surface.

When I was given the opportunity to work with Vanish I jumped at the chance to take some of their stain removal tips and use their products.

The biggest problem in my home are food and drink spillages from the youngest ones.  No matter how hard I try to keep them at the table before my head is turned they are are clambering the stairs leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

I had some really ground in stains in the carpet that needed coming out, and to be honest I didn’t think anything would touch them.  After around four applications of Vanish power shot carpet remover the stains had almost completely disappeared.

My other pet gripe is trying to remove stains from clothing.  The boys are the real issue here as they are just muck magnets.  My oldest seems to bath in mud everytime he plays football and the youngest two end the day covered head to toe in anything they come into contact with!

I have tried most stain removers and never really found one that worked that well for me.  I gave Vanish gold powergel pre-treatment stain remover alongside Vanish gold oxi action powder fabric stain remover a go and was really pleased with the results.

The pretreatment came in a really easy to use bottle and simply needed working into the stains and leaving to do its magic for a few minutes before I put on my usual wash with an extra scoop of stain remover added.

Whites are by far my biggest issues and I will be regularly adding both of these products to my wash which will be a much cheaper option than throwing things away which is what I normally end up doing.

The only downside is that is doesn’t work so well on the children!!

I was gifted these products by Vanish and  these are all my own honest opinions of the products.

Am I Wrong To Have No Routine?

With five children to care for surely routine should be my top priority you would think.  Well not in this house!

Don’t get me wrong when I’m rushing around first thing in the morning trying to iron uniform and find shoes I really wish I was more organised.  


There have been so many occasions that I’ve had the radiator on in the blistering heat to try and get clothes dry that are needed, I’m constantly running back to the school with forgotten PE kits and school lunches, we are always running out of milk and cereal as I never remember what I need on the weekly shop.


But what are the children going to remember?  Their perfectly packed PE kit or a last minute trip to the park, a beautifully scrubbed kitchen floor or a messy craft session, an empty washing bin or helping out making their favourite dinner.

Life passes us by so quickly and I would much rather be remember as a scatty Mum with a dirty kitchen floor and overflowing washing bin that tried to fill each an everyday with something fun than the other way round!

What is family life like for you?  Do you find routine makes your life easier?