Special Time With My Little Big Man

Number two turned thirteen this week and I got that sinking feeling that comes with your little one turning into a teenager!

He is growing into an independent young man that has a little job at our local skatepark and loves to spend time on his beloved X Box which leaves little quality time for us as a family.

This weekend we went for a meal to celebrate his and my husbands birthday followed by a lovely long walk through Box Hill.  This is something the the rest of us do most weekends whilst he is busy at the skatepark.

His face hit the floor at the thought of walking through muddy fields with no technology or skate ramps in sight.

Once he realised this was his only option he really let himself go back to that carefree child he is and had so much fun running around with his brothers and sisters, trying to grab rope swings across the stream and found it hilarious to get soaked crossing the stepping stones that had  become half immersed due to the heavy rainfall.

We walked and chatted about nothing in particular for hours and he said how much he had enjoyed his day.

Im making it my mission to make him come along with us more from now on as I’m a great believer in letting children do what they love and have their own space but these years have already flown by and it’s days like these that cost nothing but mean so much. 


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