Pines And Needles:A Family Affair

Last year the lovely people at Pines And Needles introduced me to the world of real tress and since then I would never look back.

From the excitement of going along to select the perfect tree to the the anticipation of it being delivered to the front door the thrill of buying real is pretty special.

The other evening we went along to Pines And Needles wimbeldon branch to take part in their Treetorial event and select our very own tree.

During the event a member of staff who are always kitted out beautifully in their Santa hats and kilts(the trees come from Scotland!) showed the children and gave them a few facts about the trees, let them pick out some decorations to decorate a tree whilst we were there and the highlight for Izzy was getting a ride through the tree wrapping machine!

Filled with their new found knowledge the children picked out a stunning 7ft Norway Spruce that they have named ‘Piney’ who they egarly awaited the delivery of the next evening.

Unfortunately ‘Bruce’ arrived after the little ones bed time but it actually made for a more magical morning as they all rushed down the stairs to see it first thing in the morning. Izzy has already said she knew it was here as the smell has waffted into her bedroom and Oscar immediately dived in for a cuddle proclaiming he loved him!

For the next few hours I had pulling, poking and prodding until it was time to decorate our stunning tree.

After a few fraught moments of twisted lights and broken baubles the tree was complete and had once again become the most beautiful focal point of the front room and the whole story of the chosing, naming and decorating will be a found memory for the whole family to remember for many years to come.

If you are yet to get your tree and think that Pines and Needles is the way to go for you then you can use the code JOYOF5 and this will get you 5% off of your tree of choice.

There are plenty of venues to find across London or you can also purchase online.

I would love to see you trees in all their glory and if you fancy naming yours like us then don’t forget to use the hashtag #brucethespruce on all your social media posts.

*collaborated post

Everdine:Healthy Eating Straight To Your Door

We are halfway through the year now and I’m sure that the majority of those healthy eating resolutions fell by the wayside months ago.

I know that mine have been pretty on and off and I have to say that aside from my terrible lack of willpower a large part of me failing is due to lack of preparation and misjudgement of portion sizes.

Being on the go continually means that sometimes I don’t get myself together enough to prepare a healthy, home cooked meal and I find myself reaching into the freezer for the old faithful nuggets and chips.

Don’t get me wrong the children are always over the moon when this happens but is really not good for my waistline and tends to then lead to the whole ‘well I’ve eaten badly so I will carry on’ attitude and before I know out I’ve packed away a whole pack of biscuits!

What I need is something nutritious and filling that I can prepare in a short space of time, so when Everdine got in touch with me to try out their home delivery meal service I was egar to find out how they would measure up.

Their healthy and nutrious meals are created by Mitchelin star chefs who go to great lengths to prepare gourmet meals that can be stored in the freezer to take out as and when needed and ready in around 10 mins.

You simply need to choose from a 8 or 12 meal option that can be delivered weekly or monthly and your delivery arrives to your door in a sheep’s wool instillation to make sure it as perfect as possible for you.


I had a mixture of classic and vegetarian options from things such as pulled beef ragu spaghetti and paneer of sweet potato kofte biryini to rainbow vegetable pad Thai and Cajun blackened salmon.

I’m ordinarily not a fan of microwave meals as they are full of rubbish and you end up with an unrecognisable lump that you need to pour into the plate.

Everdine meals however are full of flavour, and beautifully presented. They are in fact the closest to home cooked I have ever seen in a ready meal.

They were packed full or flavour and were surprisingly filling with a burst of flavour in each mouthful.

I used my meals over the course of a couple of weeks and stuck to healthy meals for the rest of the time plus regular exercise and managed to loose just over half a stone.

At just over £6 a meal I will certainly be keeping a stock of these in the freezer for those last minute meals in a bid to keep this weight loss up.

*I was given these meals for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions.

Lloyds Pharmacy-More Than Just A Chemist

Last week I was asked along to the Saatchi Gallery along the Kings Road by Lloyds Pharmacy to have a chat over breakfast about what they have to offer.

I went along with the preconceived idea that Lloyds was small chain of pharmacies offering a place to pick up prescriptions and grab a few basic toiletries that you may need.

As the morning went on and in between me stuffing my face with yummy pasteries! this image was firmly squashed as I will informed of the huge range of services they offer aside from you day to day needs that every chemist offers.

Flu jabs and cholesterol testing, own brand beauty products at a fraction of the price of well known makes, individual skin analysis that allows you to get the best beauty regime to suit your own skin type.

I really have just scratched the service here but I wanted to tell you more about the prescription delivery service as this really stuck in my mind and I’m sure would be an invaluable service for so many families.

Family life is becoming becoming increasing more hectic for all of us with work, school runs, after school clubs and everything else that fills our day, and it is a struggle for all of us and anything can free up valuable time they could be better spent with our family is always going to be a bonus.

This is where something like the Lloyds home delivery perscription service come in to save endless trips to the doctors to pick up prescriptions and then traveling and waiting for medicines at the chemist.

If like me yourself or your child has regular medication that is needed Lloyds can take the hassle of it all out of your hands by managing your orders online and having them delivered to your chosen address.

For me this would be a huge time saver and massively illiminates the chance of forgetting to order your medicine or standing for ages in long queues with bored children.

With over a third of us wishing we could have a couple of extra hours in the day and 43% of us feeling stressed and irritated about never ending to-do lists I’m sure this would go well towards reducing one of life’s day to day anxieties and make for an easier time.