Jamie’s Italian Guilford:Review

I am a little ashamed to say that even though I have been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver since his ‘Naked Chef’ days I have never set foot in to one of his restaurants.

His immense passion for food and will to share this with every walk of life is one of the things I love about him and I know this love and passion will be passed into all his restaurants.

We were recently asked to go along to Jamie’s Guilford branchto see what we though which was a very exciting prospect for me.

A short drive into Guilford lead us to a quirky shaped building that homed Jamie’s Italian.

We were shown upstairs to our table in the brightly coloured restaurant that had had an industrial feel softened by glimpses of rustic Italy.

We had the youngest two with us which is always a challenge when eating out as their attention span leaves a lot to be desired.

Luckily as soon as we were seated the boys were given activity sheets and fantastic viewfinders that they could chose their meal from…these were a hit with the big kids too!

The children’s menu was a great mix of the usual suspects mixed with dishes such as fish stew and gnocchi which is really refreshing to see as not all children like a plate of beige food for every meal!

Oscar went for the baby beefburger which was served with a portion of sweet potato fries and a delicious salad.

Frankie had a bit of a harder time in choosing as his multiple allergies were a little hard to cater for, but our waitress worked round them and was able to alter the happy chicken lollipops that were also served with sweet potato fries and much to Frankie’s excitement a salad in a jar that he could shake himself to cover with dressing.


They still had plenty of room for pudding and Frankie was extremely happy with his strawberry and mango lollipop whist Oscar went for the more indulgent warm chocolate brownie that much to his delight was topped with popcorn.


Darren and I went for the Super Lunch which is a great value set menu where you can chose from a good variety of dishes and have either two or three courses.

The greediness in me went for the three courses while Darren only opted for two.

Pate is on of my favourites but I can be a little fussy with it. I wasn’t disappointed and the creamy chicken liver pate that covered the crispy bruschetta and made for the perfect combination.

I’m not normally a burger fan but the Gennaro’s Chicken Club caught my eye and I was really glad I went for it.

The soft brioche roll was filled with succulent chicken, crispy pancetta, spicy mayo, rocket and juicy tomato.

If you are a follower of my blog and have read my restaurant reviews you will know that my husband is a creature of habit and calamari and steak are choices pretty much every time we dine out.

Jamie’s Italian had a little twist on the usual calamari and was instead a selection of battered fish and squid that have been coated in a delicately spiced fennel flour and served with a sharp garlic and lemon aioli.

The steak was a little different too as it had first been marinated then served with a garlic butter, crispy fries and a beautiful purple slaw that set off the meal wonderfully.

The children full and happily playing I endulged in Jamie’s favourite lemon polenta cake which was served with cream and a fruit coulis.

The texture the polenta gave the cake was a good change to a traditional sponge style recipe but I could have done with a little bit more of a lemony kick.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our first experience of Jamie’s Italian from the warm welcome to the delicious food.

I think the real pull for me though was the attention to the children’s menu that was not only vast and full of variety but allowed the children to get hands on with their choices and preparation of the meal which I always find is key to encouraging them to eat and try new things.

If you have been inspired to try Jamie’s Italian out for yourself then from now until the 31st August one child eat free with every paying adult so it’s the perfect time to try it out.

Prezzo #LaFamiglia Challenge 

Meals times are a battlefield in this house and there is always some sort  of issue that turns what should be happy family time into something less than enjoyable.

If we are eating at home or out there are no exceptions and the only difference to being out is that my stress levels increase as I am all to aware of everyone else around us.

For me the biggest problem is waiting. I have the most impatient children and having to wait between courses is something they are not to keen on.

This is where the La Famiglia from Prezzo is a fantastic option and something we could wait to try out for ourselves.

We were asked to take up the #LaFamiglia challenge with Britmums and were more than happy to take up the challenge.

We headed of to our local Prezzo in Reigate and were settled by out super friendly waitress who immediately kept the little ones amused with a spot of colouring.


While the little ones were busy creating I looked over what La Famiglia had to offer.

The set meal consists a large sharing bowl of pasta and there is the choice of the classic spaghetti bolognese, spicy penne arrabbiata or a penne alla rusticana.

Two mouthwatering garlic breads, two side dishes of either fries, oils infused fries, mixed salad or rocket salad.

And lastly four soft drinks with the option to swap for house wine for an extra £7 and not forgetting pudding, there is either the choice of ice cream or sorbet.

The meal is aimed to feed two adults and two children so even with a large family such as mine at the great price of £30 for  everything if we order double it would still work out a great deal cheaper then a meal out ordinary costs us.

Whist we chatted over our drinks it wasn’t long before our pasta arrabbiata and garlic bread arrived.

The children loved that they were able to help themselves to as much or as little as they wanted and to me this saved the whole argument about everything being eaten.

Pretty full there was of obviously sill room for desert.

There was a great selection of ice creams and sorbets to choose from but the salted chocolate sounded way to tempting for any of us to pass up on.

I would highly recommend trying out this great addition to Prezzo’s already fantastic menu.

The relaxed atmosphere and family friendly vibe put me at ease whilst we were there and I think tun would find it hard to beat the quality of food at such areasonable price. 

FREE Pasta At Pasta Remoli Westfield Straford City

FREE Pasta At Pasta Remoli Westfield Straford City

My love for Pasta Remoli first started when I visited their Finsbury Park branch last year.

I immediately fell for their authentic Italian food and warm atmosphere and it is no suprise that they are going from strength to strength and are now moving to a bigger and better location inside Westfield Stratford City in the Great Eastern Market, opposite where their flagship restaurant once was.

To celebrate the launch they are offering free pasta and a glass of prosecco to the first 1000 diners on the 18th November from 5.30.

So why not come along and get some early Christmas shopping done and treat yourself to a delicious meal I know you won’t forget!

Tear And Share Picnic Bread

Over the summer we spend the majority of time eating out of a picnic hamper.  I love eating outside on the go but it can become a little boring if you don’t try out different things to add.

We had our first camping trip over the Bank Holiday and I wanted something tasty that would feed us all, take up limited space and not create lots of rubbish to throw away.

I have seen lots of breads that are filled with yummy ingredients and wanted to give it a try with all the things we love.

Here is my recipe for my ‘tear and share’ bread that was a hit with us all.

Tear And Share Picnic Bread

  • 1 large loaf of tiger bread
  • 2 balls of sliced mozzarella
  • 120g antipasto selection platter
  • 285g jar of drained and chopped chargrilled peppers
  • 285g jar of drained and chopped sundried tomatoes
  • 50g grated cheddar cheese
  • 400ml mayonnaise
  • 3 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 1tsp dried oregano
  • 1tsp dried thyme
  • 1tsp dried rosemary
  1. Cut 2cm slices into the tiger bread stoping just before the bottom.
  2. Mix together the mayonnaise, garlic and herbs and spread a generous amount into each side of the bread.
  3. Into each section place a mixture of meat, mozzarella cheese, peppers and tomatoes.
  4. Once it is all nicely filled sprinkle the top of the bread with cheddar cheese and place under the grill on a low heat for around 5 mins to melt the cheese and allow all the filling to mingle together.
  5. Once cooled wrap in brown paper and pack up ready for your picnic.

Come And Celebrate Pasta Remoli’s First Birthday

A few months ago I was lucky enough to go along to Pasta Remoli in Finbury Park to review their outstanding restaurant.

As you can tell from my review the whole experience of dining there is something not to be missed, so why not take a trip on Sunday 6th May to celebrate their first birthday.

There will be glorious food, plenty to drink and good music in super cool surroundings with lots of great people.

Take a look at what they have going in and get your tickets booked!


-Focaccia calda (tomatoes, olives and rosmarino)

-Vegetarian couscous

-Selection of cured meats (mortadella, parma ham, spianata calabra, nduja…)

-Selection of Italian cheeses (mozzarella, provola affumicata, caciotta, fiore sardo…)

– A huge big selection of fresh pasta with homemade sauce (tomato, arrabbiata, butter and sage, creamy mushrooms, italian sausage ragù…)

-Homemade al bicchiere desserts (tiramisù, pannacotta, triple chocolate mousse…)

Then Aperol Spritz, Italian wines, prosecco, beers, cocktails and soft drinks…


Dinners can enjoy a selection of food from the menu including a buffet of Antipasti, music, a drink of your choice and a wide selection of fresh pasta!

£12 at The Door

Book your tickets online



Pasta Remoli Restaurant Review 

After traipsing round the streets in the cold and the rain due to a faulty sat nav coming across the vibrant facade of Pasta Remoli was a very welcome sight.

This super cool new restaurant is in the perfect location situated outside the newly upgraded Finsbury Park Station.

Upon arriving we were shown to our table and given the extensive menu to mull over with a fantastic red.

Simone Remoli the brainchild behind this great new concept of Italian dining has bought a modern twist to good honest Italian food.

The menus main draw is the mix and match style pasta where you pick a pasta, sauce and topping of your choice.  This is great if you like to try something complety set to your own taste.

I went for caprese with deep fried mozzerella balls, the chef’s suggestion of pappardelle with Italian sausage ragu and finished off with best tiramisu I’ve even tasted.


The sourcing of the produce is extremely important to Simone and a large amount of ingredients are directly from Italy.  This really comes through with the wonderful flavours of the food.  The mozzerella just melted in my mouth and the Italian sausage had a fantastic subtle kick.
I loved everything about the experience from the relaxed atmosphere in the uber cool setting to the fine wine and beautiful food.

The staff were friendly and attentive and didn’t even crack when faced with my husband’s million and one allergy requests!

I had a great night out as a couple but will be back soon with the children as they will love the pick your own menu and their gluten free options mean we won’t have any problems with my little allergy boy.

If you are looking for well priced, traditional Italian food in a a relaxed and welcoming environment then I highly recommend you give Pasta Remoli a try.
I was invited along to this restaurant for the purpose of this review and they are all my own honest opinion.