Post Christmas Blues Have Kicked In


As I packed the last of the Christmas decorations away and started to iron the children’s uniform it kicked in that Christmas was now over and we were entering the normality of January.

For me Christmas begins as soon as Halloween is over.  I start to plan what we are going to do in the lead up to the big day, where we are going to see Father Christmas and what gifts and food I will be getting to celebrate my favourite time of year.

The month before Christmas is always our busiest time of year and we are continually out and about or busy making and baking.  It’s always great fun, if at times massively stressful but I seem to thrive on this and relish every moment of it.

And then it comes, the massive lull where there are not more family visits, no magical days out or feel good films to cosy up with.  Just a load of weight to shift after the overeating I have done, decorations to put away and a house to clean, miserable weather, work and the dreaded school run!

I genuinely get a sinking feeling at this time of year and normally takes me a while to snap out of it and it appears im not alone.  A huge percentage of people feel depressed at this time of year and feelings can vary for each person.  Many worry about not fulfilling their New Years resolutions, most struggle with their weight gain and many have the huge worry of the debt that had built up over the last few months.

There are a few things you can do to help bring a little light to the month of January:

  • Healthy Living Regime the majority of us overindulge at this time of year and January is a perfect time to set yourself goals to eat better and exercise more.
  • Getting Thrifty Christmas is an expensive time for us all and making can small changes such as meal planning, selling unwanted goods on selling sites, cutting back on the morning coffee all help in getting back some of the money we have spent on all those pressies!
  • Plan Some Fun think of some things that you would like to do in the coming months.  Plan a mini break, book your summer holiday or simply some get together a with friends and family.

Do any of you get these feelings after the holidays?