Count To Ten And Hang In There Until Bedtime

A family with five children is always going to be hectic.  I knew exactly what I was letting myself in for and I live for everything it brings me, yet today was one of those days!

I woke up late getting everything off on the wrong foot.  Rushed breakfasts and missing clothes always create stress for all of us.

After finally getting out of the house and dropping the older ones off to school I pull up at home realising number two still had my house key meaning I was locked out with number five screaming for juice.

Bundled back in the car I collect a spare from my Mother taking the telling off for needing to be more organised!

Handbag collected and food shop surprisingly easily done we set off to get number four.  He happily skipped out of nursery until the reality of swimming lessons kicked it and he turned into the child from hell!  Screaming, refusing to move until finally launching a huge pot of yogurt at my back covering me and the entire hallway.

He had won as we now had no time to get out and make it to the class in time.

Housework was then the plan for the rest of the afternoon which took twice as long due to number four creating a path of distrution in every room he went into.

Peppa pig flying out the window and a whole load of batteries thrown down the toilet were just two of the things I had to contend with.


With a vaguely clean house I get started on the dinner.  An unnerving silence filled the house so I went to investigate and found the boys trying to devour an entire multipack of crisps I had just bought.

Crisps removed they managed to get into number three’s room and cover their faces with her favourite Zoella lip gloss.

Lip gloss smoothed over to try and prevent a melt down from number three I made my way to the gym for a few minutes of peace.


My stress relief was short lived as I returned to a nappy less two year old that had pooed his way up the entire staircase just in the perfect position for number four to the walk it through the entire house!

After this horrendous day I’m sitting her now reflecting on everything that has gone on and I have come to this conclusion.

Raising children is a little like childbirth-you go through this massively, stressful and painful time that is forgotten within minutes when you are handed your beatiful bundle of joy.

Parenting is similar as you spend many hours slogging away and dealing with massively stressful situations and then the little angels do something so wonderful and heart wrenching that everything they have put you through is forgotten, well most things!

Wicked Wednesday’s:Decorating With Mascara

Well it is just my luck, number four has turned a corner and has massively calmed down for number five who was my angelic baby to take his place!

Whist getting ready for the nursery run he desires to paint my bedroom door with mascara!!  I’m just grateful I’m more of a Rimmel girl than Channel.

Tackling The Dirt With Dettol

As you can imagine a household with five children can create more than a little mess.  It is a never ending cycle of picking up and putting away, washing and cleaning.  Therefore anything that helps me to get this job done quicker and with less elbow grease is always more than welcome.

I was lucky enough to be sent some great products by Dettol to see if they can cope with the levels of dirt that are created in this mad house whilst eradicating 99% of germs and bacteria which is alway a massive bonus.


One big problem in this house is meal times.  One meal can turn the kitchen into a complete war zone with food spilt and thrown into places you could never imagine.  It’s always handy to have a good disinfectant spray to hand to get rid of the damage quickly.


I can’t blame the children for everything as I am an extremely messy cook and sometimes need something a little more powerful to shift the more stubborn mess.


Both of Dettol’s Power and Pure kitchen sprays had a great fresh smell and got rid of even the most stuck on dirt with ease.

With the children being as grubby as house the majority of the time hand wash is always on our shopping list.  It is always a real chore to get mine into a hand washing routine. 

 Since having Dettol’s No-Touch Antibacterial Handwash in the house I can’t stop them! They love the novelty of simply placing your hand under the spout and the sensor dispensing the liquid for you.  For me it is fantastic to be able to get soap onto your hands without getting the bottle covered in whatever your covered in!


Last on the list are an all time favorite of mine…wipes.  For years I have loved to use a wipe for most jobs.  They are always at hand and can be used for anything from spillages to wiping off muddy football boots.  


I always have a packet in the bathroom but find not all brands can tackle my little ones favorite coloured baths.


Once the soap is mixed with the food colouring I add to the bath water it can get quite ground in and I have to reach for a stronger cleaner.  This wasn’t the case for the Dettol Antibacterial Surface Wipes.  They were perfect for running over the bath quickly and left no residue at all.

All of these products did a great job and will now be appearing regularly in my shopping basket.

All these products were gifted to me by Dettol and these are all my own honest opinions.

Wicked Wednesday’s:I Never Learn

With 18 years of parenting under my belt you would have thought in some situations alarm bells would ring and you would learn from past mistakes.
Oh no not me!  When number three came away from the pocket money section with a ridiculous balloon toy filled with flour I should have point blank refused.  Instead I looked at her sad face and then listened to the promise she would keep it away from the boys.

Only a day later four and five have got their sticky mitts on it and caused a flour explosion across the entire house!!