LaplandUK Early Bird Booking

I know you all probably think I’ve gone completely mad by talking about Christmas 2018 when if you are anything like me you are still trying to find places to home all the presents and loose all the weight from the Christmas just gone!

I can however confirm though that my marbles are all still firmly intact and I just wanted to give you a heads up the our favourite christmas experience EVER – LaplandUK is running an early bird offer from 29th January-2nd February 2018 that isn’t to be missed.

LaplandUK sold out completely last year and as someone that has visited countless Father Christmas’s over my twenty years of parenting I can confirm that this was the most amazing experience I have ever been to and something I don’t think could ever be topped.

LaplandUK offers a completely immersive experience that is completely spellbinding for the adults as well as the children.

If this is something you would be interested in then I really urge you to take a look HERE and get in quickly and take up this offer which is to good to miss!

Kids Go Free At The Shard

Life for me is all about experiences and filling the children’s heads with as many memories as I can.

So today I knew soaring to 800ft to take in the breathtaking sights of London from The Shard was going to be something to remember, and it didn’t disappoint.

They are offering a fantastic offer this half term 15-21 Febuary 2016 which allows two children to go free with one paying adult.  It is a huge saving and one not to be missed.

Upon arrival we were shown through to the lift and the whole experience started from here.  Moving at an ear popping speed to level 69 the children were completely taken back by the moving images on the roof of the lift and were in silence until we reached the top.
We arrived at the viewing platform where the children spent ages trying to spot some of the 200 landmarks that were shown on the interactive, touchscreen telescopes.


The younger two were happy to take in the sights of London and were amazed to see the tiny trains and cars below, but were especially taken back by spotting the very brave window cleaner!


From here you can make your way even further up to Level 72 the open air gallery where you truly get a sense of how high you are and can take in the beautiful shards of glass that create the spire at the top of the building.

I was a little apprehensive as to whether the children’s attention spans would waver but from 2-13 they were all thrilled to be there are really soaked up every moment of it.

The trip even managed to put a smile on my stroppy teenagers face which is no mean feat! 


If you are looking for something different from the norm to do with the children this half term you really need to take up this offer as I know it will not disappoint.


We were given tickets for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions. 

In The Night Garden Live Ticket Discount


I think it is safe to say that there are not many children out there that are not fans of CBebbies top rated show In The Night Garden.

It has been a firm favourite with mine for many years and forms a special part of our bedtime routine. 

With this in mind what would be a better way to introduce your little ones to the magical world of theatre than by combining it with their favourite TV show!

This summer In The Night Garden Live will be taking to the stage again for it’s sixth year and I’m as excited as the children to go along and see it!

This show is as child friendly as they come and will captivate even the youngest of children.

They will all be there from cuddly Iggle Piggle to cheeky Upsy Daisy and all their friends.  They will be taking to the stage inside an all weather inflatable show dome with the help of some puppetry and spectacular  projections.

If you think this sounds as good as I do then go ahead and book your tickets using the discount code below which will give you a fantastic £5 off orders of over £60 or 5% off orders under £60.


Some Extra Pennies For Christmas

It may only be October and many of you will be fed up with the shelves already being stocked full of Christmas goodies, but as we all know before we know it the big day will be upon us.

With the average family spending around £821 over the festive season here are some tips to help you find the extra money.

Shop Around

With a good 12 weeks you have plenty of time to shop around for the best price on gifts.  Around this time of year the large stores have plenty of cut price offers and three for two deals.

Check websites regularly so you don’t miss out of one of tour little ones much wanted presents for a knocked down price.

Last year I followed several pages on Facebook that brought up Amazons daily deals.  I saved a fortune on a lot of the presents the kids wanted.

Have A Clear Out

As with most of us we all have things lying around the house that we no longer need or want.  It is a great time to make the most of this and start to list on selling sites such as eBay.  

We always have a good clear out of toys, clothes, books etc and put them on eBay around now.  The money that I make then goes into PayPal and I use that to by presents with.  I would say that over half of my presents were bought like this last year and it really feels as if you are getting something for nothing!

Stop Those Morning Lattes

I am a great lover of a coffee shop but I know that it does nothing for my purse!!

All theses little extras like magazines and those cheeky little cakes you pick up all add up and could go a long way towards the Christmas budget.

Say we spend £2.50 a day on coffee five days a week, that will work out at £12.50 a week.  If you were to forgo that for the next twelve weeks you would make a saving of £150.  A fair whack of the Christmas budget hey?

There are apps that you can download such as Spending Tracker that can show you exactly where you are over spending.

Just The Kids

A long time ago I stopped buying presents for friends and family and now just buy for the little ones.

This may sound harsh but for us it’s the exitment in the children’s faces when that get what they want that is the best present.  We find that having some days out together in the lead up to Christmas is much nicer and also kinder on the pocket.

I do however have one exception and that is my sister as she has five children to buy for and she has none for me to by back for!

Early Bird Days Out

Keep an eye out for Christmas days out at this time of year as many will be up with discounted tickets if they are booked now.  Have a look for things you would really love to do and you could save some money on doing it.

Homemade Gifts

For me there is nothing better than receiving a handmade gift.  There is so much more love and thought in them and handily they are a lot cheaper.  The children love preparing chocolates and cards for their teachers and taking them in on the last day of term.

I hope I have given you a few tips here that will come in handy and go towards a happy yet thrift Christmas.

Do you have any tips oh saving over this expensive time.