Monkey On A Plane Launch With Emirates 

Ever since the Emirates airline went up all those years ago I have promised myself a trip on them.

Time passes quickly and as with so many things in London, I push them to the back of the list due to my complacency of being lucky enough to live here.

With this in mind when I was asked along to the Emirates Aviation Experience for the launch of their exciting new book I was excited by the book launch and the chance to experience the airline in equal measures.

After a quick ride we arrived at North  Greenwich and made the short walk to the Aviation Experience where we were going to hear all about the fantastic new book launch of Monkey On The Plane.

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre the dynamic duo behind this book have cleverly taken the ideas of a four year competition winner who’s brilliant ideas were picked to be turned into a real life  book that is perfect to spark the love of travel in any child.

The children got themselves super cosy on a selection of beanbags and listened intently to the adventures of Enrico the the monkey who was fed up with his boring life in the forest and was ready to take of on all kinds of exciting adventures.

Sarah and Philip kept the children engaged throughout with their brilliant storytelling and interactive activities that allowed them to try their hand at their own illustrations.

They were then able to get their own books signed by the authors whilst sitting inside a super cool replica A380.

The Aviation Experience is the perfect place to experience the trill of flying whist on terra firma.

As well as being able to sit onboard a plane the can climb inside the cockpit and try their hand at being a pilot, get up close to the Rolls-Royce engine, take in all the information in the interactive displays or climb on board on of the simulators that get you as close to flying a plane as possible.

Next up we were ready to take to the sky onboard the airline.

I have to say that although I really wanted to experience this I’m not the best with heights!

Sweating palms and shouting at the children to sit still and not even dare to stand up we slowly climbed to the top and made our way across the river.

Once I hit the top my nerves settled and I was able to enjoy the trip and point out all the famous landmarks to the children with the help of the onboard guide.

With thoughts of travel firmly in the little ones heads our journey home was spend reading their books and planning all the places they would like to visit themselves.

If you have a trip abroad planned soon or you just want your little one to have a little more knowledge of the wonderful world of travel then Monkey On The Plane is available to download ‘here’ .

I would love to know what you think.

Plane Spotting At Redhill Aerodrome

It amazes me that you can live somewhere all your life and still come across little gems that you never knew about.

We live around 30 minutes drive from Redhill and never knew there was a working aerodrome there, with a cafe and viewing area.

Number five is a huge fan of planes so this was to be a perfect trip for us.  

The aerodrome is very well signposted but would not be accessible by public transport.  There is parking onsite directly outside The Pilot’s Hub when you arrive.

Their little faces lit up as we approached the coffee house which is situated directly on the aerodrome.  The boys picked a table outside with a fantastic view of the planes and helicopters that were taking off.



We sat for ages taking everything in over a lovely coffee.  The food is all homemade and very reasonably priced.  We didn’t sample anything but will be back soon to have a spot of lunch.


As you walk through the 1930’s aviation themed coffee shop it leads you into the aircraft hanger where you can get up wonderfully close to the aircraft.


The only disappointment today came from number four as he was upset my sister couldn’t fly us off in a plane!!

This really is a hidden gem and one that I was going to keep for myself!  We will be back soon to sample some off their homemade cakes and watch more of the beautiful aircraft take flight.