CeCe Sammy Introducing VTech’s Kidi Superstar 

Do you little ones have dreams of taking to the stage, touring the world with their best selling album and being the next superstar?

I know that I have one aiming for stardom and would try anything to help her get there!

Things have moved on a lot from the hairbrush in front of the mirror days and in fact VTech have brought us an innovative new toy that will help your budding star on their way to stardom.

A few weeks ago Vocal coach to the Stars CeCe Sammy who is famous for working  on Pop Idol and The Voice with the likes of Leona Lewis and Charlotte Church came along to show everyone the wonders of this unique karaoke microphone and stand.

The inovitive technology allows you to plug in your phone or MP3 player, chose your favourite song and sing along with the vocals reduced to let your superstars voice to shine through.

The glowing lights, microphone effects and recording function allowing you to record up to four minutes of their wonderful singing is sure to be a winner with any mini superstar.