The Sun Is Out And So Are The Smokers!

As we all know this spell of beautiful weather is probably going to be short lived so we all want to make the most of it.

I love nothing more than heading to the park with the children to play in the sun.  Or even better a park with a lovely cafe adjacent so we can all relax and grab something to eat whilst we are there.

This is exactly what we did the other weekend only to have been completely put off by the plumes of smoke that engulfed us from the next table.

Since the smoking ban in enclosed public spaces in 2007 to reduce the affect of passive smoking there has been a drop in the number of people that smoke.  This is a great achievement and the move has been of monumental change for the better for so many reasons.  I now think this should be extended to smoking in outdoor children’s areas.

We as a family don’t smoke and I don’t see why I should take my children to play somewhere that they have to share someone else’s secondhand smoke.  

I completely understand that smoking is a personal choice and that the effect on others outside is greatly reduced, but in areas that are set up for children it is unessesary and as well as the health implications it it not good role modelling in front of children.

We all try really hard to give our children the best starts in life, teaching them to eat well and exercise and normalising smoking which is one of the most damaging habits they can pick up is something we should all try to keep them away from.

What are your thought on this?

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