Celebrating The Small Things:Week Nine

This weeks ‘celebrating the small things’ is a bit about how I’ve been trying to think positively when things are not going the way you hoped. I am always a glass half full person and I wholeheartedly believe that thinking positively isn’t about expecting the best but accepting that whatever happens is the best thing for that moment in time.

A No No To Wheat For Frankie: We seemed to be spending a lot of time at St Thomas’s with Frankie this year in a bid to see if we can tick a few allergies off his huge list!
The other month we had a success with baked egg and I had high hopes for the wheat challenge but sadly it wasn’t to be. We had got right to the end of the five hour long test before he broke out in hives and was having itching in his throat and ears. We were both devastated as he had been sitting there all morning planning all the new foods he would be able to eat and this all came crashing down in one foul swoop!

On a positive note the reaction wasn’t as bad as it could have been and there is still good chance he could pass the challenge at a later date which we have everything crossed for.

And So Came The Snow: For me the attraction of snow is very short lived. Yes it looks very pretty and I love getting out to take photos in it, it is great fun to get the sledges out and bomb down the hills with the kids but it brings everything to a complete standstill, everything get cancelled and the kids eventually get bored of the whole thing!

I did however manage to embrace it as much as possible is as its such a rarety to get a few snow days in the UK. We went out and and enjoyed playing in the white stuff and then equally enjoyed getting back in to snuggle up with a hot chocolate.

Birthday Parties: Birthday parties when you have five children tend to take up a huge amount of the weekend, it is lovely for the kids but I often find myself thinking of the hundred and one ways I could be filling my day instead of being there though.

I have to say though this birthday party that was for Oscar’s best friend was an absolute delight.

None of the other children had really formed firm friendship groups whilst at nursery and would never really mention specific friends until primary school age. Oscar however is a different child althoghter and has a best friend that he speaks of very fondly and recalls their adventures at playgroup with such passion.

Its times like this the mum guilt kicks in for moaning about them having their own special times as they are such important experiences for them.

Childhood Memories Of Snowy Days

Snow days are few and far between here in our part of Surrey so we always like to make the most of it while it lasts.

Last night we had a little snow fall and the kids were itching to get out in it and play.

When I was little we would always visit Happy Valley in Coulsdon.  The wide open grasslands and steep slopes make it the perfect place for building snowmen, snowball fights and sledging.

I spent many a happy day with my family climbing the huge slopes to come flying down on sledges.  We would be there for hours on end freezing cold and soaking wet but never wanting to go home!

Today we set off with three of our little ones to relive a few memories with them.

We were annoyed when we arrived as we had underestimated the amount of snow that had fallen and failed to bring our sledges.  This didn’t stop us as the steepness of the slopes was enough to carry the children down without the use of a sledge.

Once they had worn themselves out on the hills we made our way back up to the top to take in the beautiful views, runaround in the snow and of course a snowball fight.


If we are lucky enough to get anymore snow this year then this a must visit place.  I know that we have all got our fingers crossed for a little bit more of the white stuff soon!