FaceTime Savvy Tigers At Chessington World Of Adventures

Over the winter we have been avid visitors of the Zoo Days at Chessington World Of Adventures. Its a great way to explore the quieter side of the theme park whist all the thrills and spills of the rides are having a well earned rest.

However it won’t be long before the whole park is open again and as always they have some new and exciting things for everyone to enjoy.

Something I’m really looking forward to is the brand new Tiger Rock ride in early May that will see you climbing aboard the log fume ride, desending into a misty waterfall drop through a giant tiger’s head.

The Zoo will also be welcoming a family of four endangered Amur tigers with an innovative big cat enclosure with Europe’s first overhead rails.

The Tigers are currently homed in Sweden and to make their move to Surrey a smooth one the keepers from Chessington World Of Adventutres have been trialling the new digital enrichment program – ‘Face Tiger’ that allows the keepers to keep in touch in a similar way to how we would FaceTime each other. This allows the keepers to see how they play and interact with others so they can make them feel as at home as possible when they make their big move next month.

Olga, Tsar, Kalinka and Kyra will make a welcome addition to an already fantastic zoo and I for one can’t wait to meet them!

‘I am a Chessington Blogger. If anyone would like to confirm any details in the post, please email press.office@chessington.co.uk’

Pictures In Minutes With Hewlett Packards Smallest Ever Printer

A little space within our home to get work done or create a new project is something that many of us want and are trying to create.

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have started a big trend on creating something a little different and a desk is no longer simplify a sparse area to work – they are becoming areas of beauty and inspiration.

For me with a houseful of children space is limited and so is peace and quiet which means a little haven is just what I need to keep me focused on work whilst still keeping my creative mind working.

My old school desk fits snugly into a small alcove and is the perfect space to fit a few small potted plants and some of my favourite images to make it a place I am happy to go to.

I like to have everything to hand to limit distractions which are all to great in my life!

My mains needs are my laptop which contains absolutely everything I need, a pad for doodling and ideas that pop into my head and a printer which has recently become a big love of mine.

A printer has become a staple piece of technology in most people’s homes for many years now; but with technology changing at a rapid rate and smartphones becoming a ‘extra limb’ for most people Hewlett Packard have come up with a fabulous printer that does a lot more than print out boring A4 sheets of forms and homework!

The HP Deskjet 3720 is the worlds smallest printer and with limited space in  people’s home on the increase this is a huge bonus.

The printer is also compatible for their Ink Replacement Service which is something I wrote about last year and I couldn’t live without as it save so much time and money.

For me though as a huge social media addict the main attraction of this printer is the AiO Remote app that allows you to print out fabulous photos straight from your phone to their social media snapshots paper.

This allows me to create my own little Instagram feed directly onto my wall simply by printing, peeling of the backing paper and sticking them directly to the wall.

The quality of the photos are fantastic and I love being able to change the images whenever I fancy creating a completely different look.

I would love to know what you couldn’t live without at your work station and what makes your they little bit different.

*I was given a printer for the purpose of this review and they are all my own, honest opinions.

My First Blog Camp:Blog Camp Vibe

With a mixture of nerves and exitment I stepped off the underground into the hustle and bustle of East London and with the help of some other blogging Mummy’s I made my way to my very first blog camp.

One of the best things I have found about starting my blogging journey is the huge amount of wonderful people I have started to meet online and now actually in person.  I have been so surprised by how open people are to help you out with problems and help you succeed in this huge blogging world. 

Blog Camp Vibe took my eye as it was geared towards Blogger’s who wanted to move their blog onto the next level and make it into something to earn money from rather than just a hobby.  I had originally started my blog as somewhere to document my family’s life and share our adventures with others.  This is still predominantly why I write but it takes a huge amount of time away from my family so I now feel I need to make it a source of income to.

The day was filled with lots of truly inspirational speakers that gave me lots to think about and that bit more drive to keep pushing onwards and upwards.

The majority of speakers had made the long journey from Israel to come and speak and it was two ladies from @roco_runs that  caught my attention with their huge passion for everything they do.

Roco Runs started with a few women that made a promise to run together everyday and documenting it as they go.  They run, they jump, they dance and they pose.  Their tag line is ‘running is a journey not a destination’.  This really stuck in my mind and now I’m a avid follower of their huge Instagram page.

Their Page has gained a huge 63k followers in only 2 years and this number is forever growing.  To me their stories and beautiful pictures would capture the hearts of many women out there and I know this brand will go from strength to strength.

Another stand out speaker of the day for me was by the wonderful Capture By Lucy.  When I first started blogging her stunning Instagram captured my heart and I was over the moon when I saw her take to the stage as I would love to be able to create an Instagram page even half as wonderful as hers.

I know that I’m real photo spammer and if I take somthing I like I plaster it across every social media platform, smothering them with every hashtag I can.  Lucy told us we need to become ‘photo snobs’ and be very picky about the ones we chose to share on our Instagram feed. 

I have taken on board every tip she gave and have now made my profile pic more personal, I’m trying hard to only share special pics for Instagram and I’m trying to find a filter that suits my style and stick to it.

I really liked the point Lucy made about Instagram being like looking through a magazine and I really want to change things around and try and create this for myself over the next few months.  I thought about all my favorite feeds and Lucy is right, the ones that really catch my eye are very fluid and calming and have a very set theme.  It’s a work in progress for me but hopefully I will get there soon.

The whole day was filled with wonderful tips from beginning to end. That coupled with spending time with lots of friendly, likeminded people and plenty of coffee and tasty cakes my first blog camp experience has been one to remember.

Have you been to a blog camp? How was it for you?