My Sunday Photo:Lazy Sunday

I’ve been trying really hard since the summer holidays have finished to make sure we have one day at the weekend where we don’t do very much at all.

I’m inclined to try and fill our weekends up with mad rushing around and trying to cram every minute with activities. What I really need to do is sit back and allow us all some much needed downtime.

Today we had a bad start with a trip to a less than impressive car boot sale, but then spent the rest of the day eating delicious cakes, having water fights in this glorious autumn sunshine and filling ourselves to the brim with a tasty roast dinner.

Today was good and I’m looking forward to many more lazy days just like this!


My Captured Moment:Autumn Begins


My ‘Captured Moment’ for Running In Lavender this week is taken from one of my favorite vantage points in Surrey – Box Hill.

I love everything about Autumn, the chance to cosy up with a big hot chocolate, the preparation for Halloween and bonfire night and the crisp leisurely walks you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Box Hill has the most incredible views of Surrey, although I do completly freak out that the children are going to lose their footing and stumble all the way down the hill!! 

Slow Down Mummy

The hustle and bustle of everyday day it’s hard work for everyone.  We are all in such a rush to get to work, get the school run done, ferry the kids to all the different after school clubs they have signed up for that sometimes we need to just slow things down and relax a little.   

I am the worst for this.  I sign the children up for every activity they show an interest in as I feel the need to try out everything possible as it will set them in good stead for their adult life.  This means that after a full day of school, activities and homework there is very little down time during the week. Along comes the weekend and all day Saturday is filled with more activies for the older ones and a full day out for the little ones. I then feel that Sunday’s have to be the day that we go out and explore somewhere, which again is another early start and long day. 

Today number three had been at a sleepover at her friends and I was not to sure when she was due back which to my horror meant that I couldn’t plan our day!!  After the shock had worn off I lazed in bed for a while with the little ones, got up late and make a den to watch TV and have snacks in, made a yummy brunch, did some painting and played dress up. 


I realised that as much as it is good to give the children adventure and take them out to explore the world, it is also good to let them create their own fun and enjoy their own company in their own home.  No alarm setting and hurrying them out of bed, rushed breakfasts and shouting to get dressed. 


Don’t get me wrong I would go stir crazy if this was the norm every weekend but I think it would do us all good to factor this into our lives at least once a month.  Really just slow down and be guided by what our children really want.  It was in fact only number three that looked in horror that we were staying in.  The others didn’t ask once what we were doing and more than happy to plod along and do their own thing.  For once I didn’t stress about the mess they were making and how many toys that were strewn across the floor.  It was a truly lazy Sunday and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.