Christmas In July With Tesco

Dressed in my new summer dress and sparky gold sandals I stepped out of the hazy heat of the London streets straight into a snow covered winter wonderland!

No I hadn’t found Narnia-I was experiencing my first Christmas in July event with Tesco.

The snowy trail lead me straight into a room adorned with pretty decorations that would look perfect in any home on Christmas Eve.

One of the biggest parts of Christmas for me is the food and Tesco have got this down to a tee with scrumptious chocolates and biscuit selections to share with guests, easy to prepare party food and all the trimmings for the main celebrations.

I’m always looking for something different to fill my teenage sons stocking as he is the hardest person I know to buy for.  This year Tesco have come up with some wonderful chocolate truffle sprouts that are quirky to look at and delicious to eat!

With two allergy sufferers in our house Christmas is a tricky time as the majority of goodies are out of bounds.  This year the party selection includes a vast range of products that are free from the majority of the main allergens that can be  popped into the oven and ready super quick which is just what you need at such a busy time of year. 

I can’t wait to try out the pulled pork bites, crispy cheesy stars and the chicken tikka bites.

I hosted Christmas for the first time last year and although it was more than a little stressful I throughly enjoyed it have found lots of things I will add to my table this year.

We are a huge family and everything needs to be on a grand scale but I was really impressed with the Christmas dinner in a box that offers the full works for two for only £25.

Procecco for me is good at anytime of year but a must at the Christmas table and at only £10 a bottle for this fabulous sparkling wine with flavours of apple, white flowers, citrus, grapefruit and honey you really can’t go wrong.

Letters to Father Christmas go off early round here and I was very excited to spot a fab new fast shooting Nerf gun that is going to be a must on number four’s list. The famous Sindy is being revived and will be sure to give Barbie a run for her money and brilliant new game from the makers of last years Pie Face that sets you lots of tasks to do whilst wearing a mouth guard!

Tesco have Christmas well and truly wrapped up this year and nothing has been missed.

From delectable food to gorgeous decorations, pretty gift wrapping and presents with a different they really have thought of it all.  This will be my go to shop this year and I urge you all to go and take a look.

Dear Mr Tesco…Why Have Your Double Seated Trolleys Become Extinct?


Dear Mr Tesco,

Nearly eighteen years ago after the birth of my first daughter shopping in your store started to become my weekly ritual.

Your store is local, great products friendly staff, easy parking and all in all a good shopping experience.

My daughter strange as it seemed used to love sitting in the trolley with her teddy of choice next to her in the great double seated trolley, helping out by picking everything she liked and having a chat to her little friend.

Unfortunately many years on it is a completely different experience for me as your double seated trolleys that used to be the norm are now nowhere to be seen!


With my family expanding I now have two under three’s to try and get around the store, which either involves me sitting one of them in the main basket with the risk of  them toppling out or getting engulfed in the shopping.  Or having them running free which would mean I need eyes in the back of my head as they try to grab everything in sight whilst running up and down the aisles.

I’m sure there are many other parents out there with small children and particularly twins that find this increasingly irritating and just adds extra stress to an already stressful situation.

Is it really that much of an issue to create trollys with a double seat?  As far as I can see it’s a no brainer.  They don’t take up any more room than the single seats and would make a far better shopping experience for many parents out there.


A Very Fraught Mum