Taking Five In The Poppies

After a morning of never ending housework, badly behaved children and a monumental change to our Counrty as we know it I decided to pack up a bit of lunch and take the youngest two out in the fresh air and forget about the dreadful morning I had just had.

The other day I had spotted a field of poppies not far from me that looked perfect to explore and take some photos. I adore flowers in their natural surrounding and I know I would love this as much as the lavender fields we visit several times in the summer.

I wasn’t entirely sure if we should have been in the field and the boys were not to happy with me pulling them across a huge muddy area that filled their Crocs with grit and dirt.

Once they were in they loved looking at the vibrant colours that seemed to span for miles.

I only had my phone with me unfortunatly so I think we may need another trip back with my camera very soon.

My Captured Moment:Autumn Begins


My ‘Captured Moment’ for Running In Lavender this week is taken from one of my favorite vantage points in Surrey – Box Hill.

I love everything about Autumn, the chance to cosy up with a big hot chocolate, the preparation for Halloween and bonfire night and the crisp leisurely walks you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Box Hill has the most incredible views of Surrey, although I do completly freak out that the children are going to lose their footing and stumble all the way down the hill!! 

My Captured Moment:Love Our City


This weeks captured moment with Heledd at Running In Lavender is number four taking in the sights at the wonderful Sky Garden in Fenchurch Street.

I always hope that taking them to experience as much as they can when they are younger will give them a thirst  to explore and take this into their adult life.

Sight Seeing At The Sky Garden

I adore a trip up to our wonderful capital with the children.  I love the hustle and bustle and the eclectic groups of people you come across.  I love being a tourist and taking in all the big sights so today’s trip was perfect for me.

We booked a trip to the Sky Garden which is situated on the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch Street which is known to many as the ‘walkie talkie building’.


It is the highest public garden in London and can be enjoyed completely free of charge, although you need to book your slot well in advance.  There is a huge outdoor terrace and viewing platforms spanning three levels.


I was a little dubious about taking the children up as I had imagined it might have been more suited to adults, but the children had a fabulous time running around the masses of free space, spotting London buses and landmarks from the viewing platforms and peaking in and out of the superbly landscaped gardens.

Number five’s love for planes was meet as he could happy watch them passing over the huge glass roof and spent some time shouting ‘cars’ from the terrace at the top of his voice!

As numbers are limited it is not overly crowed and we could happily sit and grab a snack whilst taking in the views.


We spent our whole hours slot up there and could of happily stayed for longer.


#CheckOutThatView:Half Term Landscapes

I love to ensure that the children’s holidays are filled with fun and adventure and love nothing more than getting them out and about in the fresh air.

We don’t go out and spend a fortune, we just like to get out and about in the countryside and look at what the great outdoors has to offer.

This half term we have been on lots of adventures and would love to share with you some of the fabulous views we have been lucky enough to see.