A Special Camper Van Break in ‘Ladyboy’

We were all booked up to experience our first time camping at Elderflower Fields festival under canvas when panic set in!

All of us in a cramped tent, the threat of the great British weather and a mud fearing husband did not seem the best combination for our first time camping.

With a lifelong dream of owning a VW camper van what better way to ease ourself into life in the great outdoors than hiring one for the weekend.

I came across Honey’s VW Camper a super friendly, family run business that hire out their exquisite ‘Ladyboy’ for a number of different events.

We had been to see hundreds of camper vans at Brighton Breeze last year and I can say that ‘Ladyboy’ blows them all out of the water.  I have never set my eyes on such a beautiful, perfectly restored, individual van.

First to catch your eye is the spotless exterior which is then matched with the pretty interior of cream leather and vintage accessories.

Every little thing has been thought of to make your stay completely home from home.  Not only do you get the essentials they you need for camping they have lovingly added some extras including books and toys to keep the children amused and a wonderful hamper of chocolate, coffee, wine and a delicious homemade lemon cake that was warm and smelt mouth watering on our arrival!

With my less the perfect driving skills I passed this over to the other half and after a few jumps and bumps he soon got the hang of it and loved the drive which was made even easier by the addition of power steering which is not always something you will find in a van of this age.

Once we got ourselves pitched up it was time to see how we were going to get on staying in such a small space for the next few days.

We bought along a small tent with us that we pitched up to store all our clothing and dirty bits which left the van free to be used as a more than ample living space.  There is a fridge to store all your cold items and surprisingly lots of cupboard space to hide away all the other food that you may wish to bring along.

A cup of tea made on the hob and a slice of tasty cake and we were all set up and more then happy to make this our home.

After a full day of partying at the festival we were not looking forward to coming back and setting up for bed, but we needed have worried as both the large double bed in the main part of the bed and the pop top were really easy to put up and really comfy to sleep in.  The only issue we had was me forgetting the pillows! 

I was worried that the children wouldn’t sleep well above us as it was going to be very dark and a bit breezy but they went out like light and slept right through.

This trip really did fulfill a dream for me and has only ignited the fire in me even more to have one of our own.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect van.  It had everything we needed and more and we felt honoured to be able to have the opportunity to stay in her.  She really is a showstopper, heads turned as we drove down the road and we were stopped by a lady to complement us on such a beautiful van.  I was tempted to pass her off as our own!

Aside from the van the service we received was outstanding.  The love and passion for the couples pride and joy really shone through and they genuinely wanted us to enjoy the van as much as they do.

I cannot fault anything at all and would love another trip very soon.  If it is something you are thinking of doing then the ‘Ladyboy’ would be by far your best option.  I can hand on heart say that this is an experience that will stay with us and one the everyone should experience.
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A Sunny Trip To Brighton Breeze

One of my dreams is to one day own my very own Volkswagen camper van, I simply love everything about them.

I know that in reality it would be completly impractical for seven people, they cost a fortune and break down all the time but this will still not quash my dream!

I saw that Brighton Breeze was on this weekend so the hubby and I took the youngest two on a trip to see the huge congregation of vans that meet there.

I was overwhelmed with the vast display of old and new vans and a few cars that were there with their proud owners.  Such hard work and dedication had been put into each vehicle and the owners love and personality completly shone through.

The boys loved looking at all the different colours and decoration, even though one can left number four a little worried with a pair of fake legs dangling out from under the van.

My husband favorite was a fantastically designed brown van with a pinup theme.

I loved everyone of them but my favorite has still got to be the split screen.


Once we had spent a good while looking at all the vans and taking in their beauty we made the most of the wonderful autumn sunshine and spent the rest of the day wondering around one of our favorite seaside towns.


Full up with fish and chips and worn out from a windy walk along the front we all went home with happy thoughts and dreams of camper van trips we would love to experience in years to come.