Celebrating The Small Things:Week Six

I seem to be getting later and later with these posts each week but I am determined to keep them up as I know they will be such a lovely reminder to look back on in years to come.

Last week was full of school runs, clubs and work but we still managed to share a few special moments along the way.

Water Babies: Swimming is by far one of the activities I avoid like the plaque! the sheer logistics of getting in and out of the pool bring me out in a cold sweat as getting in and out of our swimwear seems to take longer than the actual swimming itself.
However I had a real pang of guilt at my reluctance to go when I saw how much they all enjoy it and how well they were all swimming.
So from now on no matter how much I don’t want to immerse myself into the cold pool or struggle with sticky bodies and wet clothes I will get those little ones in the pool at least once a week.

The Perfect Nursery: Choosing schools for our children is always a nerve wrecking choice and I don’t think their is a parent out there that doesn’t worry they have made the right choice.
I’ve been both happy and unhappy with decisions on schooling I have made over the years but one place I couldn’t be more certain on is the nursery I choose for my youngest two.
It doesn’t have all the mod cons or a swanky building but it is full of love and care for each and every child and after picking up a poorly Oscar on Friday who was being cuddled and comforted I know there is no place I would rather enlist my children’s care to.

Woodland Walks: We can all get a little complacent with the things we have and I know that since writing these posts it has made me feel grateful for all the things I have that I would normally take for granted.
Walking Frankie to school in the morning is something I don’t often have time for as I’m busy trying to fit everything into my day; but when I do it is wonderful to be able to take a shortcut through the woods, turn off from everything else that is buzzing through my mind and connect with him and the beautiful surroundings.

Muddy Walks And Pub Lunches

Our festive celebrations wouldn’t be complete without a muddy walk to blow away the cobwebs and get rid of some of that guilt for all the over indulgence of the past few days.

We took a trip up to Box Hill to take in the beautiful views and get more than a little muddy.

We only had the youngest two with us today so it was very quiet trip but lovely to have a bit of quality time with them.

We took part in the trail today which is something we normally miss out on and we are so glad we did.  The boys climbed trees, ran along logs, hunted for bugs and built our own balance beam which came to a nasty ending as number five slipped and came straight down onto it.


I love walking along with the family just chatting and planning the year ahead.

Just to pile on a few more pounds we stopped off at our new favourite haunt The Old House in Dorking for some dinner and board games.  They are really child and dog friendly here and we love the cosy relaxed atmosphere.  I really wish we could drag Christmas out for that bit longer!


Monkey and Mouse