My Budding Blogger:Zoella Wannabe

Number three has such a zest for life, she truly never stops!  Her week consists of Brownies, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, dance, singing and acting.  

She is always scared she is missing out on something, so as I said last week she wanted to get in on my blogging experience.

This week she has turned fashionista and wants to share with you her style tips.

I thought this week I would do a style blog because I love looking at clothes and hairstyles on YouTube.


 My little buns first. You put them into bunches next you twirl it round until there into buns then to keep it in place use a hair band you can get them in almost every shop.

Next my little top knot.  First put it in a pony tail then twirl it round just like you did  with the bunches.  The band im wearing is my big brothers.  I like messy hairstyles, so if you do pull some pieces of hair out of the band.

Now onto clothes.  I got my white cropped top from New Look.  They have a nice range for girls.  My blue jeggings are really comfy and from Marks and Spencer.  My favourite is my black top from Gap.  I love the frill on the bottom.  I had black skinny jogging bottoms to match.  My lovely bright pink converse are from Office.

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of info.  See you next week xx

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22 thoughts on “My Budding Blogger:Zoella Wannabe

  1. Ahhh how cute is this (I’m sure she thinks she’s too old to be termed as cute!). So lovely to involve her in your blog but watch out…she’ll be winning those blogging awards in no time! #kidscorner

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  2. This is great! Just think if she starts now she will be rich and famous by the time she is our age! Thank you so much for sharing in #KidsCorner x

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  3. Welcome to blogging πŸ™‚ I loved this post! Love your style! I think this one belongs on my other linky as well. It’s a beauty and fashion linky! BTW I love your pink high tops!

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  4. I couldn’t find your username on twitter, but I did share it on twitter, facebook and my Google+ Thank you again for linking at #wineandboobs

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