What I Would Miss The Most

Imagine upping sticks, leaving behind everything that is familiar to you and starting a new life in the middle of nowhere.

Believe me when things have all got to much and everyone and everything is driving me mad this has seemed liked an attractive proposition on many an occasion.

I was recently asked by www.flogas.co.uk what I would miss if I was in fact going to move to the middle of nowhere.

This was infact a harder question than I thought and gave me a lot to think about. 

Here are a few of the things I would miss the most:

The Internet I am ashamed to say that no access to the World Wide Web would sent me into a complete meltdown!

There is hardly ever an hour in my day when I’m not goggling something, uploading to Instagram or simply wasting my day looking at utter nonsense.

The Internet is however massively important to my work and I would be completely lost without it.

Conversation I love a chat. It doesn’t have to be to anyone in particular, in fact I love to pass the time of day with strangers while I’m out and about much to the annoyance of my children.

It could be chating about the weather with the lady on the train or talking about what I’m having for dinner with the man in the supermarket queue.

Those random little chats are something I would certainly miss.

Supermarkets 24 hour supermarkets are something I thought were an awful idea when they first began but I would be lost without them now.

They have been an absolute savour when I’ve run out of calpol and have a poorly little one indoors and when I’m confronted with a huge list of ingredients at 10’o’clock at night needed for food technology the next day.

Family this is by far the top of my list. I don’t go a day without seeing or at least chatting to my parents.

Not being able to have them close would absolutely break my heart and above running water, heating and light my family would be the thing I missed the most.

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